Your Weekend Preview: What To See (And What To Skip) In Theatres This Week

By Original-Cin Staff

Childhood magic and real-world drug cartel horrors collide in Mexican director Issa López’s Tigers Are Not Afraid (Rating: B+) about five children, including 11-year-old Estella, who has three wishes and a trickle of blood that follows her, in what Jim Slotek says is “an emotionally moving thriller that smoothly negotiates the horrors of the supernatural and real world evil with haunting imagery and tension.”

Angel Has Fallen: A must-miss

Angel Has Fallen: A must-miss

The American president has fallen again (now don’t all rush to help) and once again, beefy Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is there to save him. Angel Has Fallen (Rating: C), the third of the Fallen movies, features Morgan Freeman as the imperiled prexy as Banning fights to clear his name and save the country. The movie is dumb and violent, says reviewer Kim Hughes, but it has Nick Nolte as a heavily armed crazy old man in the woods, so there’s that.

Romanian director Adina Pintilie's Berlin Film Festival prize-winning Touch Me Not (Rating: B+) has a lot of nudity and awkward moments, says Liam Lacey, which would make this a daring first-date choice but the aim here is therapeutic in an exploration of body issues and the quest for self-love.

Water in all its beautiful/terrible forms is the single subject of the intense high-def documentary, Aquarela (Rating: B+) which takes us from crashing icebergs in Greenland to pounding Atlantic waves and lashing hurricanes in Florida. The environmental message is embedded, says Liam Lacey, in one of the most dynamic and wettest film of the summer.

Have a great weekend.