PODCAST! Ep. 29.: Yeas and nays on Yesterday, Midsomar and Spider-Man, horror-bly disappointed in Annabelle and Isabelle


This is the closest we’ve come to open discord.

We talk about the plethora of horror coming out before and after Canada Day: Ari Aster’s fever-dream orgy Midsomar, the bloodless Night-at-the-Horror Museum Annabelle Comes Home, and the derivative Isabelle.

We love and hate Jake Gyllenhaal in Spider-Man: Far From Home (but generally like the movie). Thom Ernst has the hammer in loving the what-if-the-Beatles-never-happened romantic comedy Yesterday, but Karen Gordon and Bonnie Laufer demur. And we talk about the Directors Guild’s latest anti-Netflix rule-change. The line is drawn just the other side of Roma.