PODCAST! Ep. 31: Some free speech about 'free speech,' Cineplex, the anti-abortion film Unplanned, The Lion King and more

No, I’m not real.

No, I’m not real.

Some regulars off on vacation, but the conversation continues.

Liam Lacey and Karen Gordon are joined by our producer Miranda McCabe for a talk about Unplanned, the controversial anti-abortion film Cineplex didn’t plan for. Pllus The Lion King, the latest CGI “realist” version of an animated classic, and Stuber, the latest from Canadian comedy king Michael Dowse (FUBAR, Goon).

PODCAST! Ep. 28.: Two weeks of devil dolls, tear-jerking toys, dogs and what a Chinese trade war could mean to the movies

Chucky in CHILD'S PLAY.jpg

In this episode, Karen Gordon, Liam Lacey, Kim Hughes, Thom Ernst, Bonnie Laufer and Jim Slotek talk about evil dolls - fictional ones like Chucky and Annabelle, and a real-life possessed Big Bird that Jim had to exorcise when it started talking to him in the middle of the night. (Thom and Bonnie kind of liked Chucky, by the way).

Toy Story 4 is a four-hankie ton of fun. Liam reviews a cool doc on service dogs and a Cannes winner about a mob-connected dog groomer, and wonders why his own pooch is so untalented.

And we talk about reports that Trump’s trade war with China could have severe repercussions for Hollywood’s bottom line and production pipeline.

PODCAST! Ep. 27: Props for two Cancon films, why Gwyneth can't remember what she's in, and reboot, reboot, reboot


In attendance: Liam Lacey, Karen Gordon and Jim Slotek. 

We talk about why it’s not that surprising Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t remember she was in a Spider-Man movie (it was bound to happen to a Marvel movie actor eventually).

We also rant about reboots like Shaft and Men in Black: International (and its cheap-laughs little alien sidekick) and extoll The Dead Don’t Die, Patricia Rozema’s Mouthpiece and Jamie Kastner’s terrific doc about Indigenous art fraud, There Are No Fakes.

PODCAST! Ep. 24: Liam's Cannes memories, John Wick's balletic killing spree and some words about Tim Conway


After years reporting from the Croisette, Liam Lacey talks about the weirdness of Cannes and its role as a promoter and influencer. We also talk about the escalating death count and increasingly complicated plot of John Wick, Keanu Reeves’ likability, and the new film’s assassin roles for female and gender non-binary actors. We also take a few moments to appreciate Tim Conway.

And Jim Slotek talks about the Swedish space film Aniara, an existential experience that suggests a dour Scandinavian Gilligan’s Island, with plenty of booze and orgies.

PODCAST! EP. 18: Pet Sematary, Shazam, The Joker, and are the studios conspiring against Netflix?

An extremely grumpy cat from Pet Sematary

An extremely grumpy cat from Pet Sematary

Why did we hate the new Pet Sematary when so many critics didn’t? What does it take to translate Stephen King properly to the screen? We talk about the new Joker trailer, and Is Batman now too grim for escapist times? Whose Captain Marvel is it, anyway? Are the studios colluding against Netflix? And is this the greatest breakup line ever? (From the Canadian Millennial anti-romance Acquainted), “We became adults together, but those adults don’t owe those children anything.”)

PODCAST! EP. 17: Why Dumbo doesn't fly, Apple bites back, and what we'd do with the Canadian Screen Awards

Nothing personal, Dumbo

Nothing personal, Dumbo

In this week’s ep., we discuss whether elephants can fly and why Dumbo doesn’t. We’ve got a clip of Danny DeVito talking up his role as The Ringmaster, Apple has entered the streaming fray against Netflix and Disney, and we wonder whether “cutting the cord” will some day be as expensive as cable. And the Canadian Screen Awards this weekend, try to drum up interest in Canadian movies the public mostly hasn’t had a chance to see yet. We discuss how we’d fix this, and whether it’s even fixable.

PODCAST! EP. 12: A Valentine to our fave rom-coms, Oscar incompetence redux, and an impassioned defence of cinematography

By Jim Slotek, Liam Lacey, Karen Gordon and Thom Ernst

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PODCAST! EP. 11: Liam Neeson's words put in so much context, you'll be tired of context

Liam Neeson (Nels Coxman) and Tom Bateman (Viking) in COLD PURSUIT.jpg

This week featuring Jim Slotek, Karen Gordon and Kim Hughes. Some of us have interviewed Liam Neeson repeatedly over the years, and we talk at length about what might have been going through his head when he made his controversial revenge confession, at a junket interview no less. Despite liking Neeson, none of us are fans of his new movie-in-the-snow Cold Pursuit. Also, Kim watched Taraji P, Henson in What Men Want, and not only did she not enjoy it, she says she STILL doesn’t know what men want.