PODCAST! Ep. 27: Props for two Cancon films, why Gwyneth can't remember what she's in, and reboot, reboot, reboot


In attendance: Liam Lacey, Karen Gordon and Jim Slotek. 

We talk about why it’s not that surprising Gwyneth Paltrow couldn’t remember she was in a Spider-Man movie (it was bound to happen to a Marvel movie actor eventually).

We also rant about reboots like Shaft and Men in Black: International (and its cheap-laughs little alien sidekick) and extoll The Dead Don’t Die, Patricia Rozema’s Mouthpiece and Jamie Kastner’s terrific doc about Indigenous art fraud, There Are No Fakes.

PODCAST! Ep. 6: The 'Bird Box Challenge,' Disney's live-action reboots and Tarantino does a Manson movie (too soon?)


Original-Cin’s Jim Slotek, Bonnie Laufer, Karen Gordon, Liam Lacey and moderator Gene Valaitis talk about the “Bird Box Challenge” (people doing things blindfolded like Sandra Bullock in the Netfix movie). Is it the next logical step, after the Tide Pod-eating craze, in winnowing the population of stupid people?

We also celebrate Joe Pesci coming out of retirement for Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman (and predict how long Daniel Day-Lewis will stay IN retirement), wonder whether 50 years is “too soon” for Quentin Tarantino to be making a Charles Manson movie, and ponder the logic behind Disney remaking its animated classics as CGI-assisted live-action movies.