PODCAST! EP. 12: A Valentine to our fave rom-coms, Oscar incompetence redux, and an impassioned defence of cinematography

By Jim Slotek, Liam Lacey, Karen Gordon and Thom Ernst

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PODCAST! EP. 11: Liam Neeson's words put in so much context, you'll be tired of context

Liam Neeson (Nels Coxman) and Tom Bateman (Viking) in COLD PURSUIT.jpg

This week featuring Jim Slotek, Karen Gordon and Kim Hughes. Some of us have interviewed Liam Neeson repeatedly over the years, and we talk at length about what might have been going through his head when he made his controversial revenge confession, at a junket interview no less. Despite liking Neeson, none of us are fans of his new movie-in-the-snow Cold Pursuit. Also, Kim watched Taraji P, Henson in What Men Want, and not only did she not enjoy it, she says she STILL doesn’t know what men want.

PODCAST! EP. 10: We talk RAZZIES - and are these Oscars the most incompetently run awards in history?

The Happytime Murders: A Worst Movie Contender

The Happytime Murders: A Worst Movie Contender

A lot more silliness than usual in this episode. Jim Slotek, Kim Hughes, Karen Gordon and Bonnie Laufer talk about the RAZZIE Awards, some of our worst experiences in the theatre this year and puppet sex. We talk about the latest fumble by the Oscar producers - asking three of the four Best Song nominees to stand down and not perform (basically telling them they don’t have a change of winning). And we suss the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the now favourite status of Rami Malek, Glenn Close and Mahershala Ali.

PODCAST! Ep. 7: Can-filmmakers apologize for winning and give away prize money, a few words from Roma's Alfonso Cuaron and the Shyamalanaissance begins!!

Samuel L. Jackson in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass

Samuel L. Jackson in M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass

In our latest episode, Jim Slotek, Kim Hughes, Liam Lacey, Karen Gordon and Bonnie Laufer talk about the most Canadian awards result ever - the directors of Anthropocene: The Human Epoch winning the $100k Rogers Best Canadian Film award from the Toronto Film Critics Association, saying sorry, and giving the money to the runners up and to charity.

We’ve got a few words from Roma director Alfonso Cuaron about how the emotionally-resonant scenes made him cranky. We talk about what kind of monsters would flame a teenage actor for congratulating Rami Malek on Twitter for his Golden Globe win?

And with M. Night’s Glass around the corner, let the Shyamalanaissance begin!

PODCAST! Ep. 6: The 'Bird Box Challenge,' Disney's live-action reboots and Tarantino does a Manson movie (too soon?)


Original-Cin’s Jim Slotek, Bonnie Laufer, Karen Gordon, Liam Lacey and moderator Gene Valaitis talk about the “Bird Box Challenge” (people doing things blindfolded like Sandra Bullock in the Netfix movie). Is it the next logical step, after the Tide Pod-eating craze, in winnowing the population of stupid people?

We also celebrate Joe Pesci coming out of retirement for Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman (and predict how long Daniel Day-Lewis will stay IN retirement), wonder whether 50 years is “too soon” for Quentin Tarantino to be making a Charles Manson movie, and ponder the logic behind Disney remaking its animated classics as CGI-assisted live-action movies.

PODCAST! Ep. 5: The Real War on Xmas, Bombs Hollywood has dropped on the season

In this episode, Original-Cin writers Liam Lacey, Kim Hughes, Jim Slotek, Bonnie Laufer and moderator Gene Valaitis talk about the death of Christmas movies, why films like Transformers and this week’s Aquaman are so bloody long, and great movies of 2018 that were overlooked in awards season.

A scene from the dreaded Fred Claus.

A scene from the dreaded Fred Claus.

We also round up the plethora of films being released in the next week so you don’t have to talk to your visiting relatives.

PODCAST! Ep. 4 - Maybe "Nobody" IS the best person to host the Oscars

Ex-future Oscar host Hart: Can I get a retweet?

Ex-future Oscar host Hart: Can I get a retweet?

In Episode Four of our series of podcasts, Jim, Karen, Liam, Bonnie and moderator Gene Valaitis ponder an Oscars broadcast that hosts itself, why Jim calls the Golden Globes’ Hollywood Foreign Press “Eurotrash,” and the big $100,000 Rogers prize the Toronto Film Critics Association is handing over to the best Canadian film (and the pressure that comes with that).

Also, a round-up of the first busy holiday weekend that will see a dozen movies released by Christmas Day, and a major thumbs up for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

PODCAST! Ep. 3 - The critics were wrong about Bohemian Rhapsody (or so say some of us!)

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody

This week, our entire gang of opinionated folk - Karen Gordon, Kim Hughes, Liam Lacey, Bonnie Laufer and Jim Slotek - are on hand to talk about Bohemian Rhapsody, and why so many people have bought so many tickets (a half-billion dollars worth) to a movie so many critics told them not to see.

We also talk the scabrous Canadian comedy The Go-Getters and why TIFF and other influential guardians of Canadian content have so little respect for our funny side. We’ve got a few words about Amazon shelving Woody Allen’s already-filmed A Rainy Day In New York, Kevin Hart taking the Oscar host job that nobody wanted, and why we need to see movies on Christmas Day to get away from our relatives.

PODCAST! Ep. 2 - Yes to Roma! Hooray for Dames! Death to cellphone users!

Dame Maggie Smith: A Dame we love

Dame Maggie Smith: A Dame we love

In the second episode of Original-Cin’s podcast series, our bloggers talk about: the beauty and Oscar-worthliness of Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, the loveliness of the fly-on-the-wall doc Nothing Like A Dame, the heroism of the last living Nuremberg prosecutor Ben Ferencz in the doc Prosecuting Evil, a Canadian romance for science nerds (Clara), how audiences are shutting down cellphone users with extreme prejudice, what should be done about theatre latecomers, and whether loud snackers are really annoying..

The Original-Cin Podcast: Bonnie Laufer called Chevy Chase a what-now?


At Original-Cin, we’ve got a career total of 15,000-plus celebrity interviews under our belts and thousands of movie reviews.

In our debut podcast, moderated by Gene Valaitis of Empire Digital, we talk about how we came together, our best and worst interviews, awards season and what to see this week. Hear who’s behind what you’ve been reading.

And oh yeah, hear first-hand how Bonnie Laufer lost it with Chevy Chase, and how Jonah Hill lost it with Jim Slotek.